2021 Update on Colour - Silverline Fine Art

Adventure into Colour

This year I have embarked on an exciting journey into the world of colour in my artwork.  I will always love the elegance of graphite and charcoal portraits but wanted to capture the vibrant colour of nature in my wildlife art as well.  I have been learning as much as I can about pastel and acrylic art mediums and am very excited about the results that can be achieved!  I hope you will also enjoy this journey into colour and new art mediums!!

My first pastel project: baby giraffe 12 inch x 16 inch portrait

Scary and exciting would highlight this project.  I saw so much potential in this little giraffe but of course self doubt always comes into play in art.  I watched numerous tutorials on pastel wildlife art and found a wonderful mentor, Emily Cross, from the United Kingdom who creates amazing pastel and acrylic wildlife artwork. 

I learned so much about the layering process, depth and how to achieve detail with pastels and was very pleased with how this one came together in the end!  I definitely held my breath when putting in the black background!!


Tiger in Watercolor Pencil

I experimented with watercolor pencils over Christmas and the result was this glowing tiger portrait!


Graphite Fox Portrait

I will still be creating graphite and charcoal artwork. I recently completed a lovely graphite fox portrait I have included here.  I do love foxes!!!

New Pastel Project

I just started a new pastel portrait!  Stay tuned to see how this beautiful cougar turns out!!


Sneak Peak

I have also started on another big one (24 inches by 34 inches), the finished baby gorilla piece will be ready to showcase soon!!